Company activity

Business consulting in management systems

Based on the competence, long experience and international licenses of Auditor / Lead Auditor for Management Systems:

  • quality according to the requirements of international standard EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • environmental protection according to the requirements of international standard EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • protection of the health and safety of workers according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001:2018

company DACTA d.o.o. provides consulting services in management systems:

  • implementation (introduction) of the management system
  • education of the process owners for the introduction of the management system
  • internal audit in organization
  • second party audit to check the company's management system for the service provider

Based on the competence, experience and licensing for the international standard EN ISO 17025, we provide service for the organization and supervision of the test laboratories for:

  • Construction tests (test methods for water tightness of pipe systems)
  • Electrical and telecommunication testing

Engineering Business Consulting in Telecommunication

Business Consulting on „Microducts Technology“ in FTTH Telecommunication Networks and Optical Lines:

  • customer service education about the benefits and the way of using micro-pipes and micro-optical cables in building FTTx networks, using free space around the cable, in existing cable pipelines,
  • training of project teams and contractors to design and execute projects by "pipe in pipe" technology,
  • education and training of service users' teams for building of the FTTH installations home-based business and residential buildings , using LSZH micro-ducts and pre-connected ABF optical cables
  • customer service counseling in the process of purchasing goods and services in telecommunications
  • consulting of telecommunication equipment manufacturers in designing new products and properly placing products on the EU market
  • consulting of local self-government units and administrations in the implementation of "EU-supported broadband internet projects"
  • engineering supervision over project implementation